10 Questions Frequently Asked

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

10 Questions Frequently Asked About Augmented Intelligence

Not a day goes by without one reading about the hype and excitement around artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and chatbots. Organizations large and small, across multiple industries and geographies, have jumped in the game to explore what AI can do for them.

However, there is a lot of confusion about what they really mean and what is actually possible today. From awesome AI to awful AI, the spectrum of news is wide and varied. Also, these terms are used arbitrarily and sometimes interchangeably, which further perpetuates confusion.

In spite of the hype, there is much here to excite us. Based on hundreds of customer conversations over the last three years, we realized that when the conversation changed from artificial intelligence to augmented intelligence, the possibilities for business uses expanded exponentially with only a temporary disruptive effect on the workforce rather than a permanent, disastrous effect.

In the attached Augmented Intelligence Executive Primer we provide answers to the ten most frequently asked customer questions about augmented intelligence to give business and technology executives a good grounding in this exciting new world. Most importantly, you’ll learn how augmented intelligence systems need to be built upon a TRUST framework. We discuss best practices for secure, enterprise-grade implementation and the importance of an industry-specific approach.

It is not about man vs. machine, but about people and machines working together to address some of the most complex enterprise problems. Done right and responsibly, it can drive change within the organization to deliver visible business value fast.

We look forward to engaging with you on this exciting journey with augmented intelligence systems.

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