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AI Composition

AI Software Development Requirements

At CognitiveScale, we talk about the key capabilities of our Cortex Enterprise AI platform including AI-powered Personalization, Business Goal Optimized AI, and AI Trust & Governance. But the foundational capability that these offerings are based on is AI Composition: the ability to build and deploy scalable, trusted AI applications.

In this article, we will cover the AI software development market and some typical challenges faced by AI application developers in large enterprises, and we’ll discuss how CognitiveScale’s Cortex Enterprise AI Platform Enables AI Composition, specifically covering:

  • Cortex is a Low-code Environment for AI Application Development
  • Cortex Supports Current Workflows
  • Cortex AI Application Development, Deployment & Testing Capabilities
  • Cortex Trusted AI Hub
  • Connect and Orchestrate with Cortex Skills and Agents
  • Cortex Connectors & Datasets

The AI Software Development Market

Forrester estimates that the AI Software Market will grow to $37 Billion globally by 2025. It includes four segments: AI maker platforms, AI facilitator platforms, AI-centric apps, and AI-infused apps:

  • AI maker platforms (include vendors that provide tools and platforms that AI teams can use to create customized AI solutions) to grow to $13 billion by 2025.
  • AI facilitator platforms include vendors that provide tools and platforms that teams can use to create AI solutions for focused horizontal and/or vertical use cases. This segment is expected to grow to almost $8 billion by 2025.
  • AI-infused apps are expected to reach $6 billion. This includes vendors that compete in existing application categories by adding AI functions to create a differentiated product that commands a premium price.
  • AI-centric apps to reach $10 billion. This includes vendors that provide business applications that weren’t possible without AI technology.1

Challenges with AI Software Development


AI struggles to realize its full potential when AI applications are not realizing value, CognitiveScale and our Cortex Enterprise AI platform is helping clients address several key challenges with regards to AI Composition:

  • Scalability: Getting numerous AI applications into production
    • In Healthcare, clients have hundreds of models and insights - for example, predicting chronic conditions (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) and unnecessary claims - so how can they get many use cases into production that can leverage these predictions, risk scores, etc.?
    • In Banking and Insurance, clients have many use cases in service, customer engagement and sales that can leverage the output of dozens of models, algorithms, inferences, and other decisioning systems - if they can get these into production.
  • AI-powered Personalization: Model outputs and insights need to be hyper-personalized if AI applications are going to deliver value
  • Business Goal Optimized AI: from identification to impact: Identification of customers with model outputs and insights (risk scores, predictions, etc,) is not enough. To realize value requires business goal optimized capabilities to help deliver the full impact of these insights via personalized interventions, for example.
  • AI Trust & Governance: as clients build models, how do they know if there are issues like bias, explainability and accuracy that will prohibit them from putting AI applications into production? And can they meet the governance requirements put forth by compliance, risk management, and auditors?

CognitiveScale’s Cortex Enterprise AI Platform Enables AI Composition

CognitiveScale’s Cortex Enterprise AI platform provides the tools to take AI application development from conception to deployment quickly and easily.


  • Connect Any Data and Models. Cortex simplifies the integrations of customer data, models, rules and analytics from favored languages, model frameworks and providers and enterprise back-end systems
  • Orchestrate and Accelerate In-house AI Application Development. Cortex enables users to visually assemble and orchestrate open, extensible AI building blocks using a low-code, collaborative developer workbench that speeds up production of AI-powered applications
  • Deploy in any Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud Environment. Cortex is a portable AI-powered application platform capable of deployment across all customer cloud infrastructure types

Low-code Environment for AI Application Development


Cortex allows software developers to rapidly compose applications using ML models, rules, and other logic, as well as streaming and batch data sources.


Cortex can help organizations to automate learning from declared, observed, and inferred entity attributes to create cognitive interventions of customer profiles via our Profile-of-One capabilities.

Cortex Supports Current Workflows

With Cortex, you can access platform capabilities in your own developer workflows:


  • Cortex Python Library: The Cortex Python module provides an API client library to easily integrate with the Cortex Cognitive Platform
  • Command Line Interface (CLI): A command line utility for the Cortex Platform components to help developers and administrators with scripting
  • Developer Plug-in: A ready for use development environment for developers to use their local Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) to develop, test and publish AI/ML artifacts into the Cortex Platform.


Cortex AI Application Development, Deployment & Testing Capabilities

Cortex is an AI development, deployment, and testing platform that allows users to package, combine, and visualize complex AI-based business solutions. Cortex provides the tools businesses need to take AI applications from conception to deployment seamlessly.


Connect and Orchestrate with Cortex Skills and Agents

Agents are deployable applications that aggregate the logic, data, and models required to implement an AI use case. Agents are composed of one or more Skills (distinct units of functionality that provide actions), inputs, and outputs. Inputs and outputs take the form of service messages that provide a data structure and instructions to the Skill. Skills and service messages are wired together to form Agents.

Skills are the heart of an Agent. They are composed of actions that take in the input data and services and complete actions that result in outputs that may be used by other Skills or comprise the output of an Agent. A Cortex Skill is a containerized, serverless application that provides a common definition for reasoning or logic engines in a cognitive process. Examples of skills include natural language understanding, image classification, sentiment analysis, audio and video feature detection, and complaint classification. Skill attributes include:

  • Skills compose and execute code, machine learning models, and data
  • Skills can be roll specific: designed for advanced data scientists, application developers, or other roles
  • Part of our open specification (CAMEL)

Cortex Trusted AI Hub

With Cortex, clients can future proof AI applications with a central repository of trusted AI assets. These assets are then available to developers via plug-ins.


Cortex Connectors & Datasets


With over 260+ connectors to structured & unstructured data sources, Cortex provides the following:

  • Extensible framework for adding custom connectors
  • Datasets allows for virtualization of backend data sources (e.g., S3 vs Mongo)
  • Production Ready Feature Catalog


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1 Forrester




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