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AI Engineering
Drive Value Faster

Drive Greater Value, Faster

CognitiveScale's Award Winning AI Engineering Platform offers a faster, more reliable way to connect data and AI models with trusted outcomes. Scale, streamline and industrialize your AI development to drive greater value across the enterprise.

Fully-realized AI

A Single Platform

Cortex sits between your existing data science platforms and the business apps you use every day — a single platform for integrating data, modeling and development pipelines. Source, compose, simulate, deploy and govern for optimal results.

Engineer Trust and Governance

Trusted AI means reliable insights and the ability to infuse a deeper layer of personalization into key business processes, all while promoting regulatory compliance and faster, more efficient automation.

Any Cloud Platform, Any Device

Keep your existing data, models and analytics platforms. With a cloud native platform and proven methodologies, CognitiveScale helps you streamline the existing AI lifecycle so that your enterprise can maximize value and engineer customer-centric outcomes.

Award Winning Enterprise AI Platform

We Drive ROI.

CognitiveScale derives powerful insights from data and deep learning models to create real value. These insights lead to meaningful engagement and clear ROI that can be measured and controlled.


Solve Problems through insights.

CognitiveScale insights use your data to solve the most pressing issues and problems and create a true client-centric AI solution.

Enhance reliability and flexibility.

CognitiveScale elevates the reliability of your application while also making it more flexible, agile and focused on true personalization.

Build, test and deploy quickly.

Scalability means you can build, test and deploy campaigns faster and in a more cost-effective manner, which leads to quicker measurement and refinement.

How We Deliver Fully-Realized AI

CognitiveScale Delivers the Tools Needed to Successfully Scale Your Apps
  • Orchestrate any number of models to deploy AI Applications in record time.
  • AI Blueprints help jumpstart development.
  • Synthetic data simulates and validates results.
  • Design & track goal-driven apps aimed at business goals and KPIs.
  • Profile-of-One—deliver cognitive interventions using automated learning and continuous feedback.
CognitiveScale Cortex Features

We Bridge the Gap

Between AI Technologies and Outcomes

There is a large gap between AI technology - the data science, data engineering, and machine learning (ML) software and infrastructure - and business outcomes - the value derived from AI-powered applications and decision intelligence.

We create synergy across the entire AI lifecycle - from DataOps and ModelOps through DevOps, management, and monitoring - and drive value and business outcomes with trusted decision intelligence, customer-centric, AI-powered personalization, insights, and the mitigation of risk and bias.

We engineer this by Connecting your data and models, Orchestrating business logic into your apps, Personalizing recommendations with evidence and insights, and Continuous Learning through campaigns and missions that improve model and application performance.



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