Dramatically Lower Operational Costs

Lower Costs with Industry AI Blueprints

Cortex Industry Blueprints for Healthcare, Banking & Wealth Management, Insurance and Commerce dramatically lower costs and reduce risk exposure. Blueprints are adaptable industry applications that allow AI developers to rapidly configure, train, deploy, and evolve AI powered processes and personalized experiences.

Blueprint Capabilities

Simple Integration

Consumable through cloud marketplaces such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud (Our Partners). Deployment portability across hybrid and multi-clouds using Kubernetes containers. Simplified integration through over 120 connectors and APIs. Omni-channel support via web, mobile, chat, telehealth interfaces.

Profile-of-One & Synthetic Data

Built-in synthetic data, pre-trained models, and simulations to help avoid “cold start” challenges with your AI and ML projects. Profile-of-One personalization engine for declared, observed, and inferred signals. Proven deployments and/or live simulations with demonstrable business value improvement.

Trust and Security

Cortex Pulse API and dashboards API for IT, compliance, and business KPI visibility. Powered by TrustSense dynamic data pipeline technology to help with data and model quality across fast-evolving AI-powered applications. Support for zero-trust security for the secure and transparent deployment of digital decisions within the business application.

Cortex AI Blueprints by Industry



CVS Health
Jackson Life Insurance
Kaiser Permanente

Client Testimonials


We have looked at over 200 AI companies and selected CognitiveScale because of their completeness of vision and Cortex platform backed by proven results.

Al-Noor Ramji
Group Chief Data Officer Prudential

~ Prudential


We are pleased to partner with CognitiveScale on this innovative initiative that will apply artificial intelligence in a practical, scalable, and responsible manner to build deeper, more valuable customer relationships by providing real-time insights into rich behavioral data across every phase of the customer lifecycle.

Ankur Sansanwai
Director of Project Management Dell


Barclays relies on CognitiveScale's Engage AI to deliver AI-powered asset intelligence products that help investors make better decisions through types of insights that have never been possible before.

Akshaya Bhargava
CEO Bridgeweave, Former CEO Barclays Wealth

~ Barclays

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