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Cortex Fabric

Accelerate Development

Cortex Fabric is an award winning low-code developer platform to develop Artificial Engineering applications. Its visual programming and operating environment radically simplifies the development, deployment and management of transparent and trusted enterprise AI systems. And it works on any cloud.

Connect Trusted Data & Models

Simplify the integration of your data, models, rules, analytics from your favorite languages, models frameworks/providers as well as enterprise backend systems. Cortex assembles and orchestrates AI building blocks using a low-code developer visual workbench to speed up development.

Profile-of-One Technology

Our Profile-of-One technology uses automated learning and continuous feedback to deliver the correct type of intervention to the right channel when needed. This Hyper-personalization means your customer-centric apps deliver outcomes that add value to the customer experience and the business.

Measurable Outcomes

Cortex Fabric's Profile-of-One cognitive data layer provides continuous measurement in order to meet business goals and KPIs. Cortex has demonstrated 70% cost savings to build an AI solution, 3x faster speed to realizing business value, and 60% reduction in support and maintenance.

Move Beyond ML Ops

Put CognitiveScale's 170+ patents to work for your enterprise. Cortex is Cloud-Agnostic and works and with both ML Models and Non-ML Models.


Source data and models from your ML Ops or third-party sources to develop a trusted AI catalog.


Visually compose models and other business logic into your AI applications with Cortex.


Generate trusted and contextualized insights and predictions from evidence and continuous learning.


Using Customer-Centric data to deploy AI Campaigns and Missions that maximize the impact of your engagement.

Award Winning Enterprise AI Platform

Cloud Platform Partners

AWS Partner
Cortex Fabric for AWS

Deploy and configure our highly secure and enterprise ready Cortex Fabric on Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) using our dedicated cloud or on your private cloud in AWS. Learn more »

Azure Partner
Cortex Fabric for Azure

Deploy and configure our highly secure and enterprise ready Cortex Fabric on Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) using our dedicated cloud or on your private cloud in Microsoft Azure. Learn more »

IBM Partner
Cortex Fabric for IBM Cloud

Deploy and configure our highly secure and enterprise ready Cortex Fabric on RedHat OpenShift Cluster that can be deployed on IBM Cloud. Learn more »

AWS Partner
Cortex Fabric for RedHat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP)

Deploy and configure our highly secure and enterprise ready Cortex Fabric on RedHat OpenShift Container Platform that can be deployed on any cloud or on-premises. Learn more »


We Bridge the Gap

Between AI Technologies and Outcomes

There is a large gap between AI technology - the data science, data engineering, and machine learning (ML) software and infrastructure - and business outcomes - the value derived from AI-powered applications and decision intelligence.

We create synergy across the entire AI lifecycle - from DataOps and ModelOps through DevOps, management, and monitoring - and drive value and business outcomes with trusted decision intelligence, customer-centric, AI-powered personalization, insights, and the mitigation of risk and bias.

We engineer this by Connecting your data and models, Orchestrating business logic into your apps, Personalizing recommendations with evidence and insights, and Continuous Learning through campaigns and missions that improve model and application performance.



CVS Health
Jackson Life Insurance
Kaiser Permanente

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FREE Online Courses

Learn about Cortex through four free classes. The classes include the following:

» Introduction to Cortex
» Agents Overview
» Cortex Campaigns
» Profile Overviews


Client Testimonials


We have looked at over 200 AI companies and selected CognitiveScale because of their completeness of vision and Cortex platform backed by proven results.

Al-Noor Ramji
Group Chief Data Officer Prudential

~ Prudential


We are pleased to partner with CognitiveScale on this innovative initiative that will apply artificial intelligence in a practical, scalable, and responsible manner to build deeper, more valuable customer relationships by providing real-time insights into rich behavioral data across every phase of the customer lifecycle.

Ankur Sansanwai
Director of Project Management Dell


Barclays relies on CognitiveScale's Engage AI to deliver AI-powered asset intelligence products that help investors make better decisions through types of insights that have never been possible before.

Akshaya Bhargava
CEO Bridgeweave, Former CEO Barclays Wealth

~ Barclays

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