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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Countdown to Cognite | Artificial Intelligence: What's Possible for Enterprises Today

Pragmatic AI will be the key driver of enterprise innovation in the near future," Mike Gualtieri, Forrester.

LinkedIn - Cognite 2018 Speakers_Mike Gualtieri (3)The countdown to our annual AI conference–Cognite 2018–has begun! This exclusive event will bring together AI pioneers, practitioners, thought leaders, and industry luminaries to discuss pertinent topics related to driving enterprise adoption of Augmented Intelligence systems. Our stellar speaker lineup includes experts like Mike Gualtieri, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester, who sat down with us for a quick chat on the evolution of AI and key topics that he’ll cover in his talk.

Thank you, Mike! We’re excited to have you presenting at Cognite 2018.

CognitiveScale: According to Forrester, there are two types of AI. Tell us more.
Mike Gualtieri: There are two types of AI: Pure AI and Pragmatic AI. Pure AI is imaginatively portrayed in Ex Star Trek, Star Wars, Blade Runner, The Matrix, Ex Machina–you have seen at least a couple of these. Pure AI is still sci-fi, and we are a little bit closer to it, but still far off. Pragmatic AI is what enterprises can and are doing today. It is narrower in scope, but still incredibly transformative and will be the key driver of enterprise innovation for the foreseeable future.

CS: How has AI evolved over the years?
MG: AI stalled in the 80s and 90s. People’s expectations were too high, research was at the early stages, and efforts were stymied by lack of computer power and data. Fast forward to today. People experience AI every day on web and mobile. Research has dramatically advanced especially in deep learning where there was nothing short of a breakthrough in 2012. And, Moore’s law has given anyone with access to the cloud vast compute power. That’s why AI is the hot topic today. Pragmatic AI is real, but enterprises have only scratched the surface of what is implementable today.

CS: What is the ideal future state of human-AI relationship?
MG: Humans stay in control! Watch the movie Ex Machina. Scary. Fortunately, the state of AI technology is not such that we must worry about that in our lifetime. AI is technology not different from any technology that has the potential to both augment and automate human intelligence. The chainsaw made lumberjacks exponentially more productive. Manufacturing robots can weld joints without any human intervention.  AI will do for knowledge workers what machines have done for physical labor.

CS: Why should enterprises adopt AI?
MG: Enterprises have an obligation to customers, employees, and shareholders. AI can bring more personalized products and services to customers, make employees smarter and more productive, and scale the business faster to increase the value of the organization. At Forrester, we believe that pragmatic AI will allow enterprises to finally realize value from their data on multiple dimensions.

CS: What can we expect from your keynote at Cognite 2018?
MG: My main goal is to demystify AI for enterprise leaders and decision-makers so that they can confidently understand the technology, find use cases, and accelerate their AI efforts.

Listen to Mike and other thought leaders across prominent Financial Services, Healthcare, and Digital Commerce enterprises including Anthem, Cognizant, Dell, GE, Microsoft, and NBCUniversal talk about accelerating Enterprise AI at Cognite 2018.

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