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35 AI/ML Platform Providers

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Forrester’s Overview Of 35 AI/ML Platform Providers

AI/ML platforms are used to develop AI applications and make AI teams more productive. It allows AI teams to create and operationalize models faster with less friction for the various personas in the AI lifecycle. AI/ML platforms can be used to

  • Develop AI applications and build ML models
  • Make growing AI teams more productive
  • Tap into the latest ML innovations

Forrester has researched vendors based on revenue size and functionality and provided an analysis of the top AI/ML platforms. CognitiveScale was mentioned in their research as a mid-size AI/ML platform with an annual revenue of $20M to $80M. Our name is mentioned among the likes of H20.ai, Oracle, Red Hat and Veritone.

To explore the functionality at a deeper level, Forrester sorted the AI/ML platforms into three segments_ multimodal vendors that provide the broadest set of tools and capabilities, code-first vendors that provide tools centered on programming languages, and AI-as-a-service vendors that offer AI models that are ready to use.

CognitiveScale was placed in the multimodal primary functionality segment with 100% of its geographic presence in North America. Our vertical market focus is Healthcare, Financial Services, and Insurance. A sample of our customers include Anthem, CVS Health and Kaiser Permanente.


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