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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Global AI Award for Responsible AI and Ethics

Global AI Award

We are so excited to announce that CognitiveScale has won Global AI Awards 2019-2020 in the Award for Responsible AI and Ethics category! Certifai is the world's first AI Risk Scanner application that detects and scores vulnerabilities in any black-box AI model. The AI.Awards judging panel of experts in combination with a public vote on shortlisted nominees agreed that Certifai was the winner in Responsible AI. 

Founded in 2015, Awards.AI is the first and biggest global annual achievement awards for AI. It is a part of the Informed.AI Group which runs a number of community websites supporting the area of AI. Now in its fourth year, Awards.AI focuses on supporting the AI community—from students, to academic researchers—partly by recognizing the hard work and dedication of those working within the field. This year, there were 51 awards across 7 categories, highlighting achievements in a variety of industries, from start-ups to established companies.

CognitiveScale's Cortex Certifai helps businesses automate the management of AI Business Risk by answering pressing questions, such as_

  • - How did the AI and model predict what it predicted?
  • - Has the model been unfair to a particular group?
  • - Is the model compliant with industry regulations?
  • - How easily can model be fooled?

To trust a digital system, we must have confidence in its decisions. However, AI systems learn and evolve over time, and contain many hidden decision processing layers, making auditability and explainability challenging. Explainability, fairness, robustness, and compliance are the anchors of trustworthy AI. Leaders will soon be required to explain how their automated decision making systems are making inferences and decisions or risk diminished public trust, revenue losses, and regulatory backlash and fines. Certifai is CognitiveScale's unique solution to bring practical, scalable, and trusted AI to every industry. 

CognitiveScale is an enterprise AI software company with solutions that helps customers win with intelligent, transparent and trusted AI/ML powered digital systems.

Our Cortex software and industry AI accelerators enable businesses to rapidly build, operate, and evolve intelligent, transparent, and trusted AI systems on any cloud.  The company's award-winning software is being used by global leaders in banking, insurance, healthcare and digital commerce to increase user engagement, improve employee expertise and productivity, and protect brand and digital infrastructure from AI Business risks.


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