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Leverage Profile-of-One &
AI-Powered Personalization
for Greater Decision Intelligence

A Different Level of Customer-Centric Personalization

Personalized Insights include a number of different types of information that can change the customer journey toward more valuable and satisfying outcomes.

Rich customer profiles

Rich Customer Profiles

Create a comprehensive picture of your customer and connect it with models that drive insight quickly and seamlessly. Through Profile-of-One we provide a rich customer profile that is key to good Decision Intelligence and understanding the customer journey.

customer satisfaction, business performance

Drive Revenue and Satisfaction

Highly personalized insights impact key performance indicators (KPIs) like sales revenue and retention rates, costs, and customer satisfaction, and help your organization realize the promise of AI.

360 degree customer profiles

360 Degree Perspective

Combine enterprise-wide data collection with external data to enrich profiles and the customer experience. Profile-of-One gives you a 360 degree view of the enterprise and uses Declared, Observed and Inferred data to hyper-personalize the customer experience.

Award Winning Enterprise AI Platform

Value & the Impact of AI-powered Personalization

AI-powered personalized insights can drive KPIs that deliver numerous sources of value by use case, for example:

  • Customer Acquisition
    Improved sales with personalized shopping experience and personalized offer/product presentment
  • Higher conversion rates for leads and prospects
  • Customer Engagement
    Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for existing customers based in individual needs and preferences.
  • Professional services insights
    For example, care optimization in Healthcare, or tailored wealth management or bank product advice in banking.
  • Customer Service
    Improving call center KPIs: satisfaction scores, reduced average handling time (AHT), improved service inquiry resolution rates, and lower costs.

Align AI Application Development

CognitiveScale's platform improves performance and scalability

Connect . . .

and curate data and models that leverage existing data and data science investments

Orchestrate . . .

the components and compose AI applications from models, algorithms and rules engines (or a combination of multiple of these)

Personalize . . .

insights via proprietary skills and capabilities built into our Profile-of-One low-code environment

Learn . . .

via feedback loops that improve model and application performance

Govern . . .

AI applications to ensure trusted, responsible use of AI and regulatory compliance

Connect AI Applications

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