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Improving Healthcare Delivery with AI

The United States Healthcare system has challenges with access, delivery, costs, quality, and more. Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as one of several key technologies to help improve healthcare, and there are numerous clinical, operational and compliance use cases for AI that are driving improvements. The delivery of higher-quality, affordable healthcare is a goal of healthcare where AI is not often highlighted as a key enabler of industry transformation.

Amazon's acquisition of primary care network One Medical highlights where technology - and perhaps AI - will attempt to improve care delivery and quality, and gives us the opportunity to elaborate on what CognitiveScale is doing with our Cortex AI platform in these areas. We have a strong point of view on what leading healthcare organizations need to do to improve healthcare delivery, costs and quality with AI in specific areas like care optimization, hyper-personalization, and business goal optimized AI campaigns.

Amazon & One Medical aim to improve Healthcare delivery and quality

The Amazon - One Medical deal, valued at $3.9 billion, puts Amazon into the healthcare delivery market with almost 190 clinics, a subscription telehealth service, an electronic health record and contracts with thousands of employer clients. As the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon has made a name for itself by disrupting industries and finding ways to provide value to its customers. With the acquisition of One Medical, Amazon looks to do the same in the healthcare industry.

One Medical is a digital health company that has developed a platform that helps healthcare providers manage their patients' care. The platform includes features such as patient tracking, care coordination, and medication management. This will give Amazon a technology foothold in the digital health market, which is expected to grow to $358 billion by 2020.

Amazon brings expertise in data mining and analytics, personalized insights, cloud platforms, and AI development - among other capabilities and value-adds. With expertise garnered from the subscription-based business model for Amazon Prime, there is discussion of new healthcare delivery models that Amazon would be well-positioned to implement. Amazon has already made significant headway with their Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare and Life Sciences offerings. AWS’ Healthcare offerings could help One Medical to more easily implement AI capabilities across the organization without having to worry about infrastructure or security. 

Amazon has also been at the forefront of applying AI to various aspects of healthcare. For example, its cloud-based machine learning platform, Amazon SageMaker, has been used to develop predictive models for a wide range of diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

Challenges with AI in Healthcare delivery

Where AI is challenged to live up to its promise in terms of transforming healthcare can be summarized in two areas: technology challenges related to developing, scaling, monitoring and trusting AI applications; and two, meeting the healthcare-specific needs of care optimization.

At CognitiveScale (and on our website) we have shared a lot of material on the powers of AI Engineering, a discipline that helps address the gap from the ML Ops era to the client-centric AI era with the right tools and processes to help not only implement AI applications, but also to drive value from them.

Healthcare delivery transformation will require many more applications that leverage AI. Care optimization use cases include: predicting hundreds of medical conditions and events, detecting hyper-personalized signals or inferences from clinical and transactional data, prescribing patient-specific interventions to their providers or direct to patients themselves, and more.

AI can transform Healthcare delivery

The Amazon - One Medical acquisition highlights how the delivery of affordable, high-quality healthcare will benefit from some specific Amazon skills: personalization, better data collection, and analytics. To do this, Amazon will bring key AI capabilities to this new venture, for example:

  • Personalized insights: Amazon apps, digital assistants, and purchasing data give them an understanding of clients at an individual level. These capabilities applied to healthcare could enable new sources of value to patients and providers.
  • Data collection at the edge: Amazon is expert in delivering personal digital assistants, apps and web portals that not only sell goods and services, but also collect the data that is required to deliver personalized insights - data from “the edge.”
  • Cloud technologies: Amazon is a leader in delivery of cloud technology and collection, storage and access of data. This has always been a challenge - and a source of unrealized potential - for systems like electronic medical records (EMRs) and healthcare data exchange (interoperability). The Amazon - One Medical combination presents some intriguing prospects for the application of cloud-based solutions in healthcare.

CognitiveScale platform and solutions for improving Healthcare delivery

CognitiveScale’s Cortex AI platform enables a robust AI Engineering discipline that can help organizations build out many care optimization solutions that can transform Healthcare delivery and drive specific KPIs like quality and cost improvements.

  • AI-powered Personalization: With our Profile-of-One capabilities as part of our Cortex AI platform, patient, member, and provider profiles, for example (profiles can be built for many different entities) can include declared, observed and inferred data that enable hyper-personalized insights for use across a range of care optimization use cases.
  • Business Goal Optimized AI: Model output often includes risk scores, predictions, propensity, etc. However, improvement of healthcare delivery and care optimization means driving business goals: keeping patients out of the hospital, lowering the risk of chronic conditions, etc. Development of personalized, predictive, and prescriptive campaigns, and the missions and interventions that make them successful, is a key capability of CognitiveScale’s Cortex AI platform.
  • AI Composition & Scalability: There are literally thousands of potential models, algorithms, and rules engines (“decisioning systems” in the aggregate) that any one healthcare organization needs in order to drive care optimization initiatives. Consequently, organizations need to consider how to build, monitor and scale all of the AI applications that it will take to do this.
  • AI Trust & Governance: Healthcare, like most regulated industries, needs to believe that AI applications can be trusted, that they are being responsibly used, and that proper governance is in place, meeting the needs of skeptical clinicals and compliance, auditing and risk management personnel. 

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