Making the case for
Augmented Intelligence

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Making the Case for Augmented Intelligence

Is my data valid? Is it secure? Who is using my data? Am I getting the right results? Am I seeing the right returns? In this podcast, Ganesh Padmanabhan, VP Market Development at CognitiveScale, in conversation with Rachel Braunstein, Partner Marketing Manager, Microsoft, touches upon all things AI - the promise, the potential and the impact.

AI = Augmented Intelligence
Ganesh says one of the inspirations behind augmenting the human in the picture came from Waze, the navigation app that allows us to navigate through crazy traffic, gives us real-time insights to avoid roadblocks, tells us where the next intersection is, etc. For the CognitiveScale team, the larger opportunity is about applying AI, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision to augment human potential, creativity and ingenuity.

AI will create new collar jobs in the near future
Ganesh talks about a time when jobs titles like social media managers, growth marketing leaders etc. didn’t even exist. The advent of internet and then social media has brought about a plethora of opportunities in the last two decades. AI will get there in the next five years, creating jobs that are inclusive and unbiased in nature.

AI will be woven into everything we do
There’ll be a time when AI will be able to read your mind. Given the potential of AI, Ganesh envisions a future where AI will be able to translate your thoughts into text messages. Brain-computer interfaces that only exist in science fiction may become a reality sooner than later!

AI systems must take a ‘people and ethics first’ approach
As AI becomes more prevalent in our everyday lives, questions around ethics, fairness, responsibility, and compliance of AI systems have started to move to the forefront. Ganesh sums it up by saying that Responsible AI will be integral to the realization of the vast promise and potential of AI. 

At Cognite2018, CognitiveScale's annual AI conference, we'll be exploring a lot of these topics in detail. Matt Sanchez, Manoj Saxena, thought leaders and AI practitioners across prominent Financial Services, Healthcare, and Digital Commerce enterprises including Anthem, Cognizant, Dell, GE, Microsoft, and NBCUniversal will talk about AI – trends, future, challenges and opportunities at the event. Click here to register for the event livestream on Oct 23.   

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