Friday, September 2, 2022

New Patents Issued - August 2022

Check out the latest patent issued in the month of August 2022 below.

Robustness score for an opaque model

Patent number: 11409993
Abstract: A method, system and computer-readable storage medium for performing a cognitive information processing operation. The cognitive information processing operation includes: receiving data from a plurality of data sources; processing the data from the plurality of data sources to provide cognitively processed insights via an augmented intelligence system, the augmented intelligence system executing on a hardware processor of an information processing system, the augmented intelligence system and the information processing system providing a cognitive computing function; performing a robustness assessment operation, the robustness assessment operation assessing robustness of the cognitive computing function, the robustness assessment operation generating a robustness score representing robustness of the cognitive computing function; and, providing the cognitively processed insights to a destination, the destination comprising a cognitive application, the cognitive application enabling a user to interact with the cognitive insights.

Inventors: Joydeep Ghosh, Jessica Henderson, Matthew Sanchez

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