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The Cortex AI Engineering Platform has everything you need to build a trusted Artificial Intelligence solution. Cortex integrates with your current systems and leverages data for decision intelligence and goal-driven outcomes. Realize value faster with automated control and AI app blueprints.

Our Platform

Industrialize AI

CognitiveScale’s Platform Drives a Robust, Repeatable, and Enterprise Grade AI Engineering Approach to AI Solution development. It Orchestrates across any number of models to scale your solution quicker and with trusted results.

Accelerate Development

With AI control, automated build and ready-made app blueprints, you get true end-to-end AI, from production through deployment. Break down barriers to building and scaling intelligent systems and finally solve the last mile problem of operationalizing AI.

Open Platform

CognitiveScale's platform works with any cloud. With over 170 AI Patents, we unify reliable data with intelligent systems and infuse actionable decision intelligence into your business processes and applications.

Profile-of-One: Customer-Centric AI

Customer-Centric AI (Hyper-personalization) succeeds when you can collect the right information, connect it to the correct models to gain insight and deliver outreach in a way that converts faster, more affordably and drives the business and the customer experience forward. CognitiveScale's Profile-of-One continuously learns and creates a 3-D customer profile with a deep understanding of their ecosystem.

Reliability: Trust & Governance

Explainability, fairness, robustness, and compliance are the anchors of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. CognitiveScale generates the first-ever composite trust score—the AI Trust Index—that measures data and model risks related to Performance, Data Quality, Robustness, Explainability, Fairness, and Compliance. It can be applied to any black-box model including machine learning models, statistical models and business rules.

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CVS Health
Jackson Life Insurance
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Client Testimonials


We have looked at over 200 AI companies and selected CognitiveScale because of their completeness of vision and Cortex platform backed by proven results.

Al-Noor Ramji
Group Chief Data Officer Prudential

~ Prudential


We are pleased to partner with CognitiveScale on this innovative initiative that will apply artificial intelligence in a practical, scalable, and responsible manner to build deeper, more valuable customer relationships by providing real-time insights into rich behavioral data across every phase of the customer lifecycle.

Ankur Sansanwai
Director of Project Management Dell


Barclays relies on CognitiveScale's Engage AI to deliver AI-powered asset intelligence products that help investors make better decisions through types of insights that have never been possible before.

Akshaya Bhargava
CEO Bridgeweave, Former CEO Barclays Wealth

~ Barclays

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