Q+A Session
Now is the Time to Focus on AI Engineering

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Q&A Session: Now is the Time to Focus on AI Engineering

Q&A with Mike Gualtieri, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester leading research on scaling AI as a team sport through AI engineering, a discipline that enables teams, tools and processes.

To continue the discussion from our recent webinar we did featuring Forrester VP Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri. We asked him a series of questions to dig deeper into some of the topics we addressed, like: 

  1. How do you see businesses having issues with scaling the implementation of AI Applications across multiple use cases or functional areas/lines of business?
  2. Enterprises have multiple data and ML Platforms, where do you see the biggest challenges with getting them into production?
  3. Where do you see AI Applications improving repeatability and measurable business impact the most?
  4. What do you feel is the biggest benefit of AI Engineering? And how do you feel this is fundamentally different than MLOps? And where do you see it intersecting?
  5. Where do you think the biggest gap is between AI Tech and Business outcomes?


Download the Q+A to learn more about how to scale enterprise AI today.

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