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Videos regarding AI Engineering, the Cortex Platform, Trusted and Client-Centric AI and Hyper-personalization

Survey Results: AI Engineering

CognitiveScale conducted a survey on AI Engineering with over 600 respondents and the results were fascinating! The majority of respondents were c-level executives, senior or middle management mainly in the industry of Finance and Insurance or Inform . . . read more »

Cognilytica Analyst Report

The ultimate vision of artificial intelligence (AI) for many organizations is the replacement of high cost or dangerous labor with fully autonomous agents, freeing up their existing labor to provide greater value for the organization . . . read more »

IDC Analyst Report

IDC named CognitiveScale an IDC Innovator in the IDC Innovators: Machine Learning in Healthcare, 2017 report (doc #US42826817, July 2017). CognitiveScale was recognized for applying machine learning to solve some of healthcare’s most pressing issues . . . read more »

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