10 FAQs About Augmented Intelligence

In the Augmented Intelligence Executive Ebook we provide answers to the ten most frequently asked customer questions about augmented intelligence to give business and technology executives a good grounding in this exciting new world. ... Read more »

Making the Case for Augmented Intelligence

Is my data valid? Is it secure? Who is using my data? Am I getting the right results? Am I seeing the right returns? In this podcast, Ganesh Padmanabhan, VP Market Development at CognitiveScale, in conversation with Rachel Braunstein, Partner Marketing Manager, Microsoft, touches upon all things AI ... Read more »

Cognilytica Analyst Report

The ultimate vision of artificial intelligence (AI) for many organizations is the replacement of high cost or dangerous labor with fully autonomous agents, freeing up their existing labor to provide greater value for the organization ... Read more »

Augmented Intelligence: The AI That Is Your Ally

In a thought provoking article from my hometown daily, the Austin American-Statesman, I caught the following quote from Michael Jude at research firm Frost & Sullivan, People think AI is human replacement, but it is really human augmentation and amplification. ... Read more »

Making AI Work for Your Industry

Making AI Work for Your Industry by CognitiveScale's Sunil Aggarwal originally appeared in AI Business as a lead up to our sponsorship and presence at the AI Summit London, May 9 and 10. ... Read more »

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