Monday, June 12, 2017

The Role of the CEO_ CognitiveScale Akshay (Shay) Sabhikhi Chats With 2017 Interns

Last week, CognitiveScale CEO Shay Sabhikhi spoke with the 2017 summer interns during their first brown bag lunch about his role at CognitiveScale and his personal path to success. Ten interns enjoyed a lighthearted discussion with Shay, where they learned his perspective on many things from preparing for college to starting companies.

Shay’s story started when he was just a kid growing up in India. He spent his childhood travelling, and by the time he was eleven years old, he had been to thirty-five countries. But he dreamed of being able to study in the United States. When Sabhikhi was seventeen, he came to the U.S. to attend The University of Texas at Austin, but he only had enough money to cover college for one year. Shay earned money for school interning at Micron. After graduation, he went on to work for Trilogy, AMD, and IBM. During this time, he met Manoj Saxena, Chairman, and Shaku Selvakumar, Vice President of Marketing, who he would go on to work with at CognitiveScale.

After asking questions such as, “What makes a good CEO?” and “What are the pros and cons of working for a large company versus a small one?”, the interns walked away with new knowledge about the kinds of things they can expect when they enter the workforce.

Brown bag lunches are led by internship program leads Trent Navran and Jonas Michel to allow the interns to receive new insight from important figures at the company. Eight similar brown bags will be held throughout the summer, where every week, someone from a different department of the company will meet with the interns in the lounge and talk with them during lunch. These brown bags aren’t limited to interns. Any employee is welcome to join to learn more about our company and executive team.

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