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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Using an AI Trust Index to Unblock Stalled Machine Learning & AI Projects


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are here to stay and are rapidly being adopted in virtually every domain? from healthcare to finance and public safety and entertainment, to name a few. However, most automated decisioning models today?ML algorithms, statistical models, and rules?are black-boxes that often function in oblique, invisible ways for both their developers and especially consumers, boards, and regulators. 

This has created significant concerns and organizational hurdles in moving ML projects from lab to live. According to a recent survey by Dimensional Research, nearly eight out of 10 enterprise organizations currently engaged in AI and ML report that projects have stalled due to issues of data quality and model confidence. 

AI Global, a nonprofit organization focused on putting research into action by creating tangible tools to help accelerate the design, development, and use of Responsible AI, has partnered with CognitiveScale and other members to address this challenge through a unique AI Trust Index.

AI Trust Index?A FICO-like Risk Score for AI

An AI Trust Index is a FICO-like score for algorithmic vulnerability and risk based on five major AI business risks ? bias, explainability, robustness, compliance and data privacy.  It creates a common language and fosters collaboration across all AI stakeholders ? developers, consumers, regulators, partners and governments.  

The AI Trust Index helps quickly, consistently and objectively evaluate potential algorithmic business risk and accelerate design, development and evolution of AI powered predictions, processes and products. 

The Index gives a rapid, objective measurement of black-box model risk to help build confidence and trust in machine intelligence and automated decisioning systems. Because of AI Trust Index:

  • AI and ML engineers can build and share high quality models with built-in AI Trust Index score for explainability, bias and robustness
  • Regulators can get visibility into how well a company and its management can explain AI decisions to customers, stakeholders
  • Product Managers can improve confidence in their products? ability to handle model bias and provide end user explainability
  • Brands can build end user trust through explanations on machine generated decisions
  • CIOs and CDOs can share model quality representation for interoperability and innovation across their partner ecosystem
  • AI Forensicists can provide faster remediation when AI solutions inflict harm or damages on people or organizations.

How AI Trust Index Helps Me

Without an objective algorithmic vulnerability and risk score, the AI and ML development process is slow, inconsistent, and potentially filled with safety and risk issues around bias, discrimination and regulatory compliance.  By developing and managing algorithms with a built-in AI Trust Index, businesses and governments can accelerate adoption of safe AI and put AI to work for good. With the AI Trust Index score:

  • Business and society can get benefits from AI faster. The scores can be delivered and stored quickly and consistently, helping ML and AI developers speed up Trusted AI development.? 
  • Automated Predictions and Decisions are fairer.?Using the AI Trust Index, developers get a bias risk score around a model's susceptibility to bias and can take proactive steps to mitigate their effects. 
  • AI/ML "mistakes" count for less.?AI Trust Index scoring weighs all five dimensions of AI risks (see image above) and limits unintended consequences from rogue AI and models
  • More AI powered systems are available.?Developers and regulators can approve more AI and ML projects since they now have more confidence, given their better  understanding of the business risks.
  • AI development costs are lower overall.?With more AI Trust Index scores available, the cost of AI development and sharing decreases for both publishers and subscribers.  And by controlling risks and losses using the index scoring, businesses can adopt more AI workloads to power intelligent processes and products. 

Much as FICO accelerated risk rating has transformed the financial services industry, AI Trust Index will help accelerate development of Trusted AI systems that are free from bias, transparent in their operations, and are able to reflect the core values and policies of the business.

For more information on the AI Trust Index and the tools to automatically detect and score AI vulnerabilities visit_



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