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Monday, May 30, 2022

Using CognitiveScale’s Learn Center

CognitiveScale announces a new Learn Center, designed to allow visitors to explore our Award Winning AI Engineering Platform in multiple ways. The new Learn Center is filled with Articles, White Papers, Case studies, Industry Reports, Videos and more. Below is a brief description of all the ways visitors can use the Learn Center and an outline of some of the new features soon to come online.

The CognitiveScale Learn Center is divided into three primary categories: Resources, Personas and the Cortex Platform. There is also a search function that queries the entire Learn Center.


The resources section includes Articles, White Papers, Case Studies, Videos and Webinars. Each of these areas is organized by the most recent first. It should be noted, new content will be added constantly to the Learn Center. Within each of the sections (Articles, White Papers, etc) there are tags that can be clicked to explore a topic by keyword.

Personas, Industries and More


Visitors can explore content based upon Personas and their involvement in the AI Engineering process. Currently, those personas include:

As the industry continues to develop and mature there may be other Personas added, especially as new industries come on board and develop their own standards and methods.


CognitiveScale currently operates in several industries and has a lot of content that targets these industries. Those include:

Each of these categories has industry-specific content—articles, video, etc—to explore and learn from.


In addition to the categories and industries, content is arranged around several key topics that are an important part of our AI Engineering Platform. Topics currently include the list below (this will expand in the future):

  • Hyper-personalization / AI-Powered Personalization (link)
  • AI Governance, Trust and Transparency (link)
  • Profile-of-One (link)
  • AI Engineering Platform (link)
  • TrustStar (link)

Industry Reports

In this section we organize industry reports from companies like Gartner, Forrester, the US Government and others.

Upcoming Events

Here you will find a list of upcoming events: Webinars, Trade Shows, Conferences, etc. We’ll record the details here to keep you up-to-date and informed on CognitiveScale’s activities.

The Cortex Platform

Explore the Cortex Platform in new ways, including self-guided classes to teach and demonstrate the basics. Ways to explore our Cortex AI Engineering Platform include:

  • Classes—expanded self-guided tutorials on the basics of working with Cortex (link)
  • VLabs—developer access to virtual labs. Actually work with parts of the Cortex platform (link)
  • Demos—coming soon, demonstrations of actual working environments

For clients farther along in the process, we have an updated version of Cognitive University

Additional Features of the Learn Center

Site Search—search for anything in the Learn Center.

RSS Newsfeed—keep up-to-date on all of the changes via our RSS Newsfeed, which can also be found on Owler.

Email Newsletter—our monthly newsletter tracks all of the new content and resources added to the Learn Center, as well as other company news.

Future Additions

We are constantly searching for new ways to engage with customers and enrich their CognitiveScale experience. Look for the following additions to the Learn Center in the coming weeks and months.

  • Demos—actual product demonstrations
  • Curated Journeys—by Personas and Topic, a guided tour through our AI Engineering Platform
  • Classes—expanded classes and content to explore our Cortex platform
  • Integrations—articles on integrating your data and cloud platforms into the Cortex environment
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